Svart föreläsare vid prestige-universitet gripen efter hot om masskjutning av vita

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Hade lagt upp 300 videor med hat och hot mot vita • Lärosätet försökte först släta över.

Allas lika värde i svart tappning

Blacks are taught by Jews to hate Whites. In America they have pathological hatred of White people. Since their childhood that have been taught that the White man was the main reason of their failure, that the White man brought them as slaves and that the White man was responsible for all the “evils” in this world. We all know that slavery was traditionally (((their))) business and we can also find through research that most of the so called “Black Power” movements were heavily Jewish.

NAACP had first Negro president in 1970s, and even the so called “Wakanda” fantasy was created by the Jew Stan Lee (Lieber).