Putin och Zelenskyj träffas på Bali

Läs hela artikeln på Nordfront: Putin och Zelenskyj träffas på Bali

Ukraina gäst vid G20 • ”Fred” och ”hållbar energiomställning” bland huvudteman.

Vem vid sina sinnes fulla bruk vill träffa ett sånt jerkoff"kabinett", haha grön militärthirt med snortade kranar. F…fn, empati med den ryska delegationen

Det krävdes två atombomber för att Japan skulle kapitulera. För att få Ukraina till förhandlingsbordet krävs nog fyra.

Vem kommer vara moderator när juden och shabbosgojen möts? Klasse?

From “The Fall of Dresden”

Isn’t there a strange sound roaring in the West now?
Doesn’t a soft hum sound far and far away?
Already it swells to an evil, loud hum,
that – growing – accumulates to wild roaring.
The greatest army that ever marched in the sky
-The fleet of the “United Nations”-
Got to kill civilians
as it roared over the Elbe.
From heaven high, there weep down now
Incendiary bombs - thousands of them - and swish down
And beyond, on silver plumage
Circles coldly the murderer who trampled on the nest.
Hundreds of thousands die in the force
The first blow still in place.
But the next wave comes crashing down
And hits the heart of the wild, crazy escape.
The air is rattled by the bursting of the bomb.
In panic the crowd rages through the streets,
burned, mutilated beyond measure,
and tramples down whatever falls stumbling.
The children’s blond hair turns black dust,
and blue eyes melt from their sockets.
Coal and smolder at the speed of thought
the heads of men in the heat.

The stream is surrounded by the glow of fire!
The silver birds keep falling
down on this sea of ​​women, children,
and ship guns donate rich death.
A dozen kilometers square
The hot fire and death are their own in the end.
Where a few hours ago there was a German town
there smolder debris, and ruins show
up to the gate through which the murderer entered,
and accuse as bashful mute witnesses.
All around the day’s work of dreadful rage:
burned children on charred breasts,
contorted - a sea of ​​limbs, shoulders, hips,
cooked, boiled in charred blood.
There lay an army of corpses strewn
embracing in death, children women,
and I, ordered - a witness to all the horror -
I struggled to keep up as a war invalid.
I came in the curly blond-
But my youth broke! did not break to death
but in the suffering that death spares
My hair turned white when I gave up
Finally escaped and home again - to the front -
And came before the enemy threatening from the east.

-Gerd Honsik-