Polisman: "Vad fan håller Teodor Smedius på med?"

Läs hela artikeln på Nordfront: Polisman: "Vad fan håller Teodor Smedius på med?"

Anlitar PK-konsulter för värdegrundsdressyr • “Demonstrationerna prioriteras efter budskap, vänster så ska vi inte ingripa, höger, ja då ska de helst inte ens få gå.”

De chefer som tillsattes under Dan Eliassons styre gör nu sin plikt som vänsterextrema politruker,

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Värdegrund=kalegeriplan=judediktatur en kort sammanfattning av Göteborg polisen och mycket mer.

Fact one: “Polisen” regardless of location, is a privately held and for profit security firm, without any jurisdiction what -so-ever.
Fact two: if you beat the fuck out a snot face like this, he will think twice before attacking like this again.
Fact three: the maturity of the snot faces, is around 10-12 years old, deal with them accordingly.
Fact three: YOU are a pussy.
Fact four: There are no men at Sweden today, just a bunch dip-shits that shit their pants as soon as a snot face show up.
Fact five: INITIATTE YOURSELF BY DOING SOMETHING THAT TRULY SCARE YOU, repeatedly and your will gain confidence like nothing else.
Fact six: You ARE going to die, its just a matter of when.
Fact seven: FUCK IT and follow your instinct and ACT ON IT, NO ONE will do it for you.
Fact eight: If you see a women with a nice ass, TELL HER. If you want to fuck her, tell her that too. THERE IS NOTHING TO LOOSE, PERIOD.
Fact nine: YOU RAE NOT A PERSON, get that through your bovine thick skull, YOU ARE A MAN and no corporation have jurisdiction over a man.
Fact ten: You need to create a living will and get probated, in order to liquidate the Cestui Qui Vie Trust as created in you name, ALL CAPS.
Fact eleven: Capitis deminutio = EVERYTHING ALL CAPS DIMINISHES. What do you think that means?

Facts can be listed in different ways and it is possible to spit on individuals in the armed forces and their in many ways very seemingly total thoughtlessness. But when it comes to police officers, you can think what you want, but if you have perhaps seen that organization from the inside and heard speeches and thoughts from within them, you know that much is not as you might first think. There is no reason to spit on those who to a large extent today are often so national at heart, which may not be noticeable. Perhaps Zionism has suppressed this lower division of the armed forces.
But a lot is often just the confession of the lips…