Nato förstärker sin närvaro i Östeuropa

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“Från Baltikum till Svarta havet” ska krigsalliansen befästa Europa • Stoltenberg vägrar låta Putin vinna.


NATO, which has unleashed several bloody conflicts over the past 20 years, which they diplomatically call “peacekeeping wars.”

NATO and the US often act as the main initiator of the bloc’s military operations. Yugoslavia The dead - 5,700 people, including 400 children Wounded - about 7,000 civilians, 30% of them are children Missing - 821 people Excess deaths as a result of deteriorating living conditions cannot be estimated Afghanistan.

The dead - 35,000 people Refugees - 500,000 people.

And also - the aggravation of interethnic conflicts, terrorist attacks, an increase in drug trafficking Iraq.

More than 1 million people died during the war in Iraq. Iraqis is a huge loss in modern history. A quarter of them are women and children.

During the operation, NATO troops used prohibited weapons, namely white phosphorus!!! German peacekeepers in Afghanistan are accused of desecrating graves!!! Libya.

The dead - more than 20,000 people (military and civilians) Refugees - more than 350,000 people At the same time, in August 2011, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen claimed that not a single civilian was injured from the actions of NATO air forces in Libya.

NATO also used cluster bombs and white phosphorus in Libya, as it did during operations in Yugoslavia and Iraq. NATO members dumped uranium dust on Iraqi facilities - a radioactive substance banned for use by the UN convention.

And finally, many sources claim that in Libya the Alliance used mustard gas, a chemical warfare agent “tested” back in the years of the World Wars, and banned by various conventions, due to its extreme danger.

Vietnam The beginning of the great American scam may be the Gulf of Tonkin Incident in August 1964, which unleashed a bloody Vietnam campaign that began because North Vietnamese speedboats allegedly attacked the United States fleet.

After 40 years, the US government declassified archival military documents, from which it became clear that the reason for the start of the Vietnam campaign was shamelessly fabricated.

The bombing of settlements in Vietnam that followed the Tonkin incident led to thousands of civilian casualties. The use of napalm bombs - a weapon that is an incendiary, flamethrower mixture.

Being thickened gasoline, napalm literally burns a person alive.

Countries of the former Yugoslavia After the collapse of the USSR and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the Alliance began to feverishly look for reasons for its continued existence, the main of which was the so-called “peacekeeping mission”, when NATO entered into the resolution of interethnic conflicts, pursuing purely personal goals (first of all, expanding its zone of influence ).

As, for example, it was in the Balkans, when the bloc invaded the region and took a direct part in the escalation of ethnic wars.

NATO’s military actions against the former Republic of Yugoslavia, which marked the beginning of the bloc’s modern operations, have become an example of gross violations of all norms and laws, including the Organization of the North Atlantic Alliance itself.

First of all, NATO violated its own Charter, the Washington Treaty, the 1st article of which states that the member states of the Alliance must “resolve all international disputes in which they may be involved by peaceful means in a manner that does not endanger international peace, security and justice, and to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations.”

Tuppen Stoltenberg häller mer bensin på brasan, krigshetsen ökar i omfattning.

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Karl den XII har försökt, Napoleon hat försökt, Adolf Hitler har försökt - skall en kaxig Norrman vinna? Jo, en förstående Norrman försökte, Vidkun Quisling att övertala Hitler att BEFRIA Ryssland från kommunismen, och INTE ockupera det, han kände det ryska folket och kampandan bara stärks. Nato är nu en djävulsk organisation som lockar dumma demokrater till skydd, mot vad? Länder som med sina olika religioner håller järnhård ordning? Förhindra moralförfall med den idiotiska tesen “Allas lika värde”? Som inte vill lära våra barn att det finns fler än två kön med en intensiv propaganda att ev, byta kön? från EU inte bara det, förbjuda att tänka nationellt, misstro alla lögner som sprids från judarna som skydd för dem. EUROPA en aktad kontingent förr, förstörd av EU. Var det meningen, när den bildades?