Greta Thunberg och hennes familj

Hittade intressant information om henne och familjen i en kommentar på The Truthseeker. Antydningar om att familjen är filurer själva och inte bara shabbosar. Klistrar in hela kommentaren och en länk til Truthseeker.

I’m not quite sure what the fuss is about. Luisa-Marie Neubauer is an apparatchik, noyhing more. She’s been detailed to assist the millionairess, Greta Thunberg, like an aide-de-camp in, attending administratively to a general. Neubauer may suffer from congenital Rothschilditis (poor thing) but the Thunbergs outrank her. The Thunbergs are an Aaronite dynasty; a line of priesthood of high standing, among hobgoblin jewry, anyway.
Greta Thunberg’s great-grandfather was Svante Arrhenius, a fin-de-siecle (((Swedish))) scientist of considerable note. He was a prominent physicist, eugenicist and the winner of the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1903. He was also a founding member of the Nobel Committee and he most likely voted for himself in 1903, about three or four times.
It was Svante Arrhenius who formulated the equations whereby global temperature increases could be calculated against its causes. Among the exponentials that he factored into his formulae was CO2 as a measure of global temperature increases. He innovated a mathematical logic, which, eventually, has come to equate atmospheric carbon dioxide density with road vehicle use. He was the man who coined the phrase, “greenhouse gases.”
Refinements of Arrhenius are the intellectual orthodoxy today, among CO2 environmental catastrophists, in places of learning, everywhere, unfortunately. Arrhenius is the laurel-crowned patriach of CO2 religiosity and he’s Greta’s great-grandpa.

The maiden name of Svante Arrhenius’ mother was Thunberg. Svante, himself, married a woman who’s maiden name was Thunberg. Their son, Olaf Arrhenius, was a Hollywood film director and changed his surname to Thunberg. Olaf’s son was named aftrr his father and is Svante Thunberg, Greta’s father.
Greta doesn’t suffer from Asperger’s Syndrome, (that much should be obvious by now) but she does appear to be inbred. “Spectrum” afflictions can be rather usefully stretched, though, to happily allow for new inclusions. Who knows? Perhaps the product of incestuous coupling can, indeed, be legitimately classified as of the “Autistic Spectrum” of known neurodevelopmental conditions. A variation of the name Arrhenius is Aarons.

Who’s pickin’ on that banjo?

If the author of this piece had been a more rigorous researcher, he (if, indeed, it is a “he”) might have more fully immersed himself in the genealogical archive and investigated the many D.N.A. databases available. The effort would have answered a lot of the questions he puts to himself. He could have perused, for example; or or or or or or or or or etc.

Det där om att Gretas släkting skulle ha varit drivande i att prata om global uppvärmning har jag hört tidigare, dock enbart från amerikanskt håll. För mig betyder det bara att GTs propagandamotiv blir än mer tydlig och att det befäster ursprunget.